Dear Parents,

This month, students at Fletcher’s Meadow will be given an opportunity to think about caring for others and to participate in our Fletcher’s Cares initiative. Each class has been assigned a Brampton family in need. Everyone will have a chance to bring in some food, gifts, and clothing for their family through our partnership with the St. Louise Outreach. Also, please bring to school any coats and outerwear that students no longer as these will be donated to the Salvation Army. Toys for Tots is looking for new toys for families in need as well so there will be lots of choice for what students wish to do to contribute. It is our hope that every student and staff member in the school will be able to find some way to support our Fletcher’s Cares initiative. Please help your children to collect and bring in donations to their Character Education teacher. Donations will be accepted until Wednesday, December 15th as boxes are being delivered the next day.

Thank you so much for working with us to develop character in our students. Check out the website for more details about our year long character education campaign.


Mary Nanavati

Name: ________________

Student Number: ________________

Target Character!

  1. Take a moment to look and reflect on the Character Education posters around your classroom.  If your posters aren’t up yet, offer to help your teacher put them up!  Look at the caring target below and put a check on the ring that best describes you.  Try to be as honest as you can!

    caring poster

    Target Caring Poster

  1. Over the next few weeks at Fletcher’s, we will be targeting CARING. Think about the definition of Caring.  In the space below, write the description from the above Caring Target that is one ring closer to the centre than where you are now and set this as your goal.
  1. In groups of two or three, think about some things you can do to become a more caring person as an individual or as part of a group.  Try to think of a few things that would show caring at Fletchers, in the Brampton community, and around the world.  Share your ideas with your class mates.
  1. There are many things happening at Fletcher’s where students have an opportunity to demonstrate caring for others.   Giving of your time is one way we can care for others.  Some things we do at this school require money.   Some things take time and money.

With a partner, fill out the Venn Diagram on the back of this page with all the things you can think about that students do at Fletcher’s to care for others that either take time, cost money, or both.

  1. Think about your situation and circle your answer to the questions below(Yes or No):
    1. Has someone ever done something for me (or someone else I know) that was caring? ______
    2. Do I have some extra time that I could use to do something for others?   __________
    3. Do I have some money that I could give up knowing that it would benefit someone in need?  _______

6.  This year Fletcher’s is supporting three charities; Toys for Tots, Salvation Army and a family from your community.  Your class will be responsible for bringing in at least 1 new toy for Toys for Tots and at least one coat/hat/mittens/scarf (used or new) for the Salvation Army.  Your class will also be given the name of a family in the Brampton area who is in need.  Your job is to plan with your class and fill out the chart your teacher draws on the board to determine roles and responsibilities for your classes donations.

Once the chart on the board is complete, fill out the chart below that lists what you will do to support the three charities.

What will you do?
When will you do this?
Who will this help?
Explain how this will show caring.
  1. CHALLENGE!  After you have taken care of a local family in need, it is time to stretch yourselves a bit more.  Your challenge is to look through the Plan Canada Website with your class with special attention paid to “What can I do?” and “Gifts of Hope.”  In small groups or as a whole class, choose a Gift of Hope and work out a plan to make a donation to those in need world wide.



One Response to Caring

  1. Dinkle Ester says:

    We will know about Mother Teresa. She was born in South Yugoslavia. At the age of nineteen
    she came to Darjeeling, India to teach. In 1931 she decided to serve the poorest of the
    poor. She belonged to the order of Missionaries of Charity. They run forty schools, where
    about 30,000 children are educated. They also have mobile dispensaries, training centers
    and destitute home for poor and the needy.

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